SIL services provide you with an independent style of living, helping you be in control over how you want to live and manage your life. Our aim is to assist people with disability to enjoy independence, have an excellent social life, and access the support they need.  helping in managing daily tasks and personal needs, so that you can feel more confident in developing the skills you need to live as independently as possible at home.

Development - Life Skills

We provide coaching, peer support and individual skill development within the participant’s home or community. For instance: Assistance in attending appointments, Shopping, Bill paying, Taking part in social activities and Maintaining contact with others.

Assist - Personal Activities

Personal care supports may be required across a variety of settings. For example, a participant living alone in their own home, living with family or other people, when undertaking social, recreational, education or employment activities or during holidays away from home.

What is inside Assist-Personal Activities?
Personal Hygiene, including showering, bathing, oral hygiene, dressing and grooming. Going to the toilet, Assisting the participant in toileting, bladder and bowel management. Mobility/TransferAssistance in moving in and out of bed and on or off the toilet, exercise. Aids & Appliances Supervision or assistance in the use of aids and appliances, hearing and communication devices. Basic First Aid Providing basic first aid due to injuries sustained as a result of a participant’s disability.

Daily Task/Shared Living

Participants can receive household tasks services through their NDIS Core Support budget. This can be accessed through Core Support -> Assistance With Daily Life -> Household tasks. This budget is generally available for participants who have goals to live more autonomously and build on their independence skills in day to day life.

Participate Community

Under the NDIS, participants have a plan containing Social Participation & Independence goals which include:
What I want to achieve, How I will know that I have achieved it.
Keeping the objectives in mind, a support worker will assist you to participate in social and community activities such as,
Recreational and sporting activities, Participation in group activities or spend time with friends, Visiting your local library or gym, Building skills, taking up a new interest or learning new things, Going to School or universities Camps, classes and vacation activities.


Provides support and assistance for travel and transport to participants for them to access the community for educational, vocational, and recreational purposes.Participants can receive Travel & Transport services through their NDIS Core Support budget.

Innov Community Participation

Innovative Community Participation Program is designed to support NDIS participants to build skills to actively participate in their community.  Through side-by-side practice, the program involves highly skilled Community Engagement Practitioners who assist participants to expand their opportunities for community participation and employment.

Group/Centre Activities

Right Shed provides a luxurious residential experience to its participants. We have highly experienced and qualified support workers to assist you with your daily needs to help gain your independence.

Assist Access/Maintain Employments

Every journey and every phase of life is unique and different. And we truly believe it’s our endeavour to ensure it remains fulfilling, engaging and calm for you no matter at which stage of life you are!
At Right Shed, we are a value-driven enterprise supporting people to develop their skills, potential, and capabilities which they require to sustain independently and participate in the day to day activities in the community.

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Right Shed are here to support and help you live life on your terms.  No matter what your level or type of disability, we’ll help you achieve your dreams and goals.  If you are new to the NDIS and want some help to make sense of your funding, or if you’re an existing NDIS participant and want to try something new, we’d love to hear from you so please get in touch.
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